Many a times we find ourselves scarred by circumstances that life has thrown our way. We try to cover up the scars and continue living but not feeling alive, involved, yet alone.Sometimes we aren’t “good”, even though that’s the response that we give when people ask. In reality, we might be struggling. The bills are piling up and we don’t know what we’re going to do. Our marriage is in shambles, but who can we trust to tell? Our loved one has been diagnosed with an illness, but we are supposed to stay strong. Counselling provides a safe place for you to share, explore, and challenge your emotions and thoughts. At Breaking Barriers we believe in healing, finding purpose, and gaining hope. There is an alliance between therapist and client, which becomes the catalyst for change. This relationship is different than a friendship, familial relationship, or marriage. It differs because it comes without advice, judgement, or resentment of your true feelings. It offers understanding, acceptance, empathy, and clinically derived feedback. So, while friends, family, and spouses may recognize the change in your personality, your agitation, the fact that you’ve withdrawn, or your hopelessness – they may not know how to help in a non-judgemental and objective manner. That is what we are here for. Allow us to help you turn your barriers into opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.



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