Becoming parents is the most significant change that one may experience in their marriage. It brings both incredible rewards and some of life’s most difficult challenges. Parenting refers to the hard work of “raising” a child — not just bringing them into the world. Parents promote and support the development of a child — physically, emotionally, intellectually, from infancy to adulthood. Earlier the responsibility of rearing a child was not on a single shoulder but on the entire society or neighbourhood. The children were being raised in a loving, caring and safe atmosphere of near and dear ones. But now the scene has entirely changed. Our joint families have broken into nuclear families, our society has become self-centred, and the neighbourhood has become unknown.

Issues faced in parenting

  • Balance between career and parental responsibilities.
  • Taking a backseat in your career, becoming a stay at home mom.
  • Feelings of guilt - being parents is suppose to the most joyful feeling, yet feeling frustrated, alone and stuck.

Counselling can help in:

  • Dealing with feelings of guilt and frustration
  • Restoring a sense of balance.
  • Building a support system.