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March 21, 2018
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Over the weekend I attended a group meeting whose invite said “come and share your challenges & successes” it was organized by an enterprise called One Tree Spaces, who help women invest in themselves both financially and non-financially. So I assumed the majority of the conversation would be vis-a-via wealth, to my surprise everything but that was discussed! As the introductions happened the women shared challenges they faced in their personal life. It was a mixed group of women who have been married for twenty years to those who have been married 2 years and to those who are single. It was very interesting to see different perspectives on issues like marriage, managing home & careers, as well as, friendships, etc. For the longest time I was a spectator as this was the first time that I and everybody else was meeting. It was so interesting to see that some of the members shared things that were close to their heart that we would not even think off sharing with a stranger. The meeting was concluded by each one sharing how they can contribute to the group and what help would they need. And a few of us actually found synergies there and then! The feedback was so interesting – everyone wanted to stay more connected and share the happenings in their life as there are many forums where they can go for professional stuff but none that provide a safe space where they can be themselves without being judged. So the members actually want this group to become more of a safety net where they can share their vulnerabilities.

It was amazing to see a group of women from different age groups & backgrounds have nothing in common but a need to share without being judged, to feel heard, to feel understood and to feel accepted. It really left me wondering that we are all always connected via whatsapp, facebook, cell phones, chats, etc. In fact at times we even complain that technology is an intrusion on our privacy, yet when it comes to expressing what we feel, we feel alone even in a crowd. In today’s times where we are so busy trying to better our standard of living, fulfill our ambitions, run behind what each of us calls success, we hardly have the time or the bandwidth to invest in relationships. At the end it was clear that the group was really looking for such a platform to take out a little time and invest in ourselves as humans, as individuals.

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