A Five Course Meal

March 21, 2018
Myths related to treatment of mental health
March 21, 2018
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I am not too sure if our generation is familiar with the concept of fine dining, as we are more the instant noodle generation. We don’t understand that there is a romance to delayed gratification but want everything instantly- from love making to sex, marriage to live-ins, five course meals to hamburgers!! We start working at 20 and decide our retirement age is gonna be 40. My brother is 27 years old, working for one of the big four; he has set a goal for himself that by 35 he wants to be a partner in the firm and therefore works really long hours. My mother who is of the thought that life’s milestones must be achieved on time is after him to get married but he refuses to relent! As he wants to have a house, a sedan and a bank balance before he settles down. He even says he has no time for love his work life is so hectic and weekends are with friends. When I observe the conversations between them, my mom says for them it was important to have a career; the rest like a house, car, other luxuries came by the way; whereas my brother wants to have all of that at a young age and his career is driven by that. My brother more or less represents today’s generation and it’s not just this, we even want a social standing and there is constant comparison with our peers and the need to do better. It’s almost like our materialistic possessions define who we are!
I wonder how many of us can answer “WHO AM I?” i.e. without our designations/ qualifications, our address, car owned or the number of friends on our Face book. Just define the person that I am!!
Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment – Lao Tzu

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