A broken Marriage- Why I continued & How my psychologist helped me in recovering!

Left in the lurch by my love!
March 21, 2018
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March 21, 2018
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<p><b>I was broken- it took me months to realise that my husband was not in love with me and neither did he want to be with me.</p></b>
<p>A month into our marriage, my husband and I moved to Delhi because of his work. The first month of our marriage was beautiful, more like in fairy tales – we were in love, we went out with family and friends very often and, my husband always gave me the love and attention I started getting used. It seemed to be the perfect arranged marriage. And I never thought that in a few months our relationship would turn out any different. I was a housewife and my husband was too busy with his work. He didn’t want me to continue work (like what I was doing before I got married) and like any supposedly good wife, I did what my husband was expecting of me. Until one fine day, it came to light that he was cheating on me.</p>

<p>During this while, before I learnt of this, I never realised that I was slowly losing my husband or never had thoughts that perhaps he was never mine, sincerely. But what I was experiencing was perhaps different than my thoughts. Slowly, I noticed that we never spent<strong></strong> time, together; we never went out and we never slept, together. Perhaps, he was afraid deep inside that he was cheating on me. But, I was silent, as in a city where I hardly knew anyone, and now I was losing my husband as well. I carried the burden of my emotions till I found someone who could just listen to me; I met the psychologist Dr Atika who believed in listening more rather than just advising. I booked her counselling for one afternoon. I met her and slowly, I started to open up. She became a friend who stood by me and listened to me during my emotional turmoil. I took out time and attended all my counselling sessions. Initially, it was hard to open up to a stranger but one thing that I really liked about my sessions was Dr Atika’s compassion towards my life.</p>
<p>During my sessions with Dr Atika, I was left with an unprecedented vision that left me realising who I actually was and what I needed to do at that certain moment. Slowly this confidence rubbed into my relationship while my husband saw another side of me – good enough for him to realise what he was doing was wrong. He came back and I continued my marriage, not as a wife but as a friend to my husband where I was no more a housewife, but I was working on myself. After my husband came back, I am making a genuine attempt to make my marriage work, thanks to Dr Atika. Life is not always rosy, but maybe our approach to life can change how life shapes itself.</p>

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